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Catari offers an integrated solution for events, from sporting events, festivals, colloquia or conferences, musical and/or theatre shows, corporate events or even exhibitions and art installations. Our experience, together with teams specialised in this segment, will help you find the best solutions for stages, audio-visual support structures, signage, lighting, safe passageways, public access and even tents or temporary canopies.

The Catari US® system adapts to all types of events and is characterised by quick assembly and disassembly, guaranteed quality and safety, as well as adaptability and customisation, making the possibilities limitless.

Guaranteed protection

With the Catari UMBRA system, you’ll be able to provide protection and air conditioning for covered areas. The UMBRA temporary roof is also capable of supporting loads that will allow the assembly of stage and audio-visual support structures. It will also guarantee an aesthetic image adapted to the event’s identity.
By guaranteeing safe passages, delimiting spaces and preventing crowds from getting out of control, Catari safety barriers are also a fundamental part of ensuring that any type of event runs smoothly and as safely as possible.

Access for all

Catari US® Public Stairs allow general public access, always with maximum safety, and are a vandal-resistant system suitable for use by children. With the possibility of multiple configurations, it adapts easily to spaces and is also an aesthetically appealing element that fits in with the event’s image.