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The components of Catari's multidirectional scaffolding system can be reused for various applications within the industrial plant, providing a cost-effective solution for the user.

Constant investment in a highly developed industrial park allows Catari to offer the industrial sector an optimised product, both in terms of performance and safety. We are experts in offering solutions adapted to the various industrial sectors, for maintenance, repair and construction work in an industrial context. To this end, not only do we have a certified product (in accordance with the EN 12810 and 12811 standards) that is suited to the needs of the industry, but our engineering team will develop the scaffolding project with the corresponding 3D, anticipating possible problems and offering the best solutions for the correct use of all the necessary components.

Our continued commitment to R&D has enabled us to improve and add new components to the Catari US ® – Universal System, so that the product’s performance in an industrial context is outstanding in terms of safety and durability. The high-quality steel that makes up the scaffolding system allows for high loads, resulting in a lower need for parts per square metre and consequently lower transport costs.