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Safety Net System V

As a part of Catari’s collective protection equipment (CPE), the Safety Net System V consists of a safety net attached to a gallow type structure – a vertical post with a 90° angled articulated arm. This feature allows for easier and safer transport of the gallow structure and better use of storage space.

Commonly used on construction sites, the main purpose of this system is to prevent people and objects from falling from a height. Created in a response to the need to protect workers installing formwork panels, the Safety Net System V is installed at the edge of finished slabs and complements edge protection systems. It is a fall protection system capable of reducing the fall height to a maximum of 6 metres, absorbing the impact experienced by the worker through the plastic deformation of its certified nets and resulting in a reduction in injuries.

The protection provided by this system goes beyond the workers located on the slab, also safeguarding nearby buildings, workers performing tasks on lower floors, and even the general public.

It has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1263 standard resulting in a more effective fall protection system. It acts as a mitigating measure in the event of a fall and provides a greater sense of effective safety by remaining in the worker’s field of vision. Allowing workers to concentrate on the task at hand, increasing efficiency and productivity, when compared to other safety net systems.

This comprehensive system combines exceptional security performance with efficient and flexible installation, making it suitable for use in buildings with complex architectures.

Main Features


Articulated Arm

The gallow type support is articulated allowing to reduce the overall dimensions.


Net Anchors

Multiple anchors in one steel plate for less spare parts and shorter times of assembly.


Slab Attachements

The slab attachments and net anchors are reusable and leave no trace.

Articulated gallow type support

As it is articulated, this solution allows the overall dimensions of the gallows to be reduced, making it easier to store and transport. Without the use of special tools, the length of the projection is reduced by more than 80%, freeing up space for transporting more material and increasing warehouse capacity.

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Net anchors and slab attachments

Each net anchor board is supplied with 3 pigtails spaced 50 cm apart for faster and more accurate installation.

The pins of the plate support are attached to it, for a safer installation and to ensure that the assembler doesn’t drop it.

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Certified safety nets and ropes

The EN 1263 certified safety nets absorb and soften the impact of a fall thanks to their plastic deformation. Comprising two nets in one – one with a 10x10mm mesh and an additional debris net – this safety net system mitigates risks on two fronts: by absorbing the impact of people falling and by preventing objects and small debris from falling.

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Floor by floor, the system follows the work

The ease of installation of our system makes it a solution that can easily be moved to the next floor as construction progresses, without having to be completely dismantled. The practicality of this process allows workers to be protected quickly during the construction of a new floor, speeding up the project.

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The Safety Net System V is highly adaptable to constructions with complex geometries – including rounded shapes and corners, providing a complete protection even in the most demanding architectural projects.

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Safety Net System V

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