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Loading Platform

Safety and efficiency in construction

The Catari loading platform is used in construction projects, offering an effective solution for moving equipment and materials to upper floors. A  solution that combines versatility, safety and ease of use.

Simplified Design

Developed with simplification and weight reduction in mind, the loading platform incorporates less material without compromising on load capacity. By attaching orange stickers, the load capacity can be clearly identified, making it more visible and enhancing the safety of its use.

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Enhanced Safety

We prioritise worker safety at every stage. The rounded finish of the frame profile minimises the risk of accidents in the workplace, while the gates offer automatic locking, making the loading area safer.

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Easy Lifting

To ensure a safe and efficient lifting process, the platform has four anchor points, providing greater stability when moving and repositioning the platform. This design makes it easier to balance and promotes worker safety during operations.

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Loading Platform

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