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Temporary scaffold staircases for every situation

Catari US® Public Stairs is a scaffold stairs system that provides access stairs for the general public. This type of temporary scaffold stairs is usually used to overcome obstacles – like roads, rivers, or construction sites – in urban areas, for sport events or music festivals, and even for emergency staircases. Built with long-lasting products, Catari US® Public Stairs are suitable for both temporary stairs and long-term projects.

Developed according to the strictest requirements and regulations for public access stairs that include the need for basic security, stability, and protection, Catari US® Public Stairs is a vandalism-proof system and offers child protection.

These temporary scaffold stairs answer to the EN-12810/11 requirements and can be assembled in construction or industry sites, ideal for workers to easily manoeuvre equipment and carry building materials.

Changeable directions (mudanças de direção)
Changeable directions

Change direction by 90º or 180º.

Continuous stairs (escadas contínuas)
Continuous stairs

Single or multiple continuous flights.

Staircases (torres de escadas)

Suitable to achieve greater hights in smaller spaces.


Main Features


Scaffold based

Public access stairs are built with Catari US® scaffolding parts


High load capacities

Sturdy materials allied to robust connections assure loads up to 600 kg/m²



Hot-dipped galvanised finishing for long-lasting components

Safe scaffold stairs

Step blockers, plastic end caps and toe boards to cover the gap between the stringers and handrails, are accessories meant to enhance the safety of this scaffold staircase system. They prevent accidents and make it harder to spontaneously dismantle the structure.

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General public access stairs

Temporary scaffold stairs are used as a public access solution for short-term projects that involve maintenance works and also for public events.

By being designed according to the European accessibility standards, Catari US® public stairs are ideal for any temporary public access application.

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Public staircase with flexible design

Achieve different heights and stair configurations by choosing between different stringers with comfortable riser heights and flight widths up to 2,07 m.

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Economic for construction stairs

Because Catari US® Public Stairs is a scaffold-based system, it also provides secure and easy access stairs for construction and maintenance sites.

By adding only a few components, a complete stair can be assembled with your current scaffolding material: steel decks, toeboards, diagonal braces and ledgers.

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Public Stairs

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