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100% in-house production

Catari produces all the components it offers from its headquarters, located in the north of Portugal. The concentration of production capacity in a single area allows for detailed control of product quality, as well as efficient monitoring of the entire supply chain flow.

The result is guaranteed product performance on site – assembly, use and disassembly, but also compliance with deadlines and excellent service.

Catari's Value Proposition starts with its production

The technical specialisation of the Catari team leads to compliance with all product quality parameters at the various production stages.

State-of-the-art technology and a continuous commitment to team training are at the centre of Catari’s process management. The implementation of robotics optimises the various stages of the production process, allowing human resources to be allocated to more meticulous tasks.

Technology and Savoir-faire

This link between technological innovation and human expertise guarantees not only production efficiency, but also the ability to adapt quickly to market movements. If Catari’s value proposition begins with production, it is in the delivery of excellent customer service that it reaches its full potential. Whether through qualified technical support, guidance or personalised solutions, we guarantee a smooth and reliable experience for all our customers.


Scaffolding systems and subsystems in a range of around 790 references.


Customer Satisfaction Index (year 2023)


Week average dispatch time (year 2023)


Countries where Catari is present


In addition to the certification of processes and products, carried out by internationally recognised institutions, Catari has internal procedures that reinforce quality control and the prevention of non-conformities.

Compliance with these standards guarantees the conformity of each component, with a high level of precision, safety and durability. A result obtained through a manufacturing process monitored by an approved and certified internal quality management system.

Our daily commitment involves a continuous effort between the various departments to improve products, services and procedures.

Some of the accreditation and regulatory bodies

  • AENOR certification
  • IQNet International certification network
  • Bureau Veritas
  • SII approval The standards institution of Israel
  • Hellenic State Approval


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • EN12 810 US® and FA-48® scaffolding systems
  • EN ISO 3834-2 Quality of welding processes in metals
  • EN ISO 9606-1/2 Requirements for the qualification of welders in steel and aluminium
  • EN ISO 14732 Approval of welding operators and processes for mechanised and automatic welding of metallic materials
  • EN ISO 15614-1/2 Welding procedures for metallic materials
  • EN ISO 15609-1 Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials
The most challenging projects applied to the demands of the construction, industry and events sectors.

Technical engineering and product management teams work to develop new scaffolding components in line with market requirements. The constant search for innovation, whether incremental or disruptive, aims to meet the needs of the different markets in which Catari operates.

We have a team committed to being there for you.

A solid and specialised structure – from engineering, project management, planning and production, logistics, finance, marketing and the sales team. The exchange of synergies between Catari’s multidisciplinary teams results in a closer approach to the customer and effective monitoring of each project. A premise that extends across borders to Catari delegations and partners around the world.

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