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Residential & Commercial

scaffolding facade-residential

Focussed essentially on façade work, the solutions for residential and commercial projects are characterised by the use of an easy-to-assemble scaffolding system with short assembly times, always based not only on the efficiency of the work, but also on safety.

Our module systems allow for an intuitive assembly and disassembly flow, without the use of hammers or other special tools. The full range of accessories in the Catari FA-48® façade system also makes it easy to adapt the scaffolding to more irregular façades, pedestrian crossings and to diversify the type of assembly.

For façade containment projects, interior and exterior restorations, Catari also offers an integrated systems solution, from our Catari US® multidirectional system to the Catari UMBRA temporary roof system, which will enable all the work to be carried out, protecting the workers and even the building in the process of restoration or reconstruction.

Safety is a priority

For greater safety in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, we have a complete collective protection equipment that includes edge protection system and safety nets.