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Safe construction sites

Our temporary Edge Protection System is designed according to the requirements of EN 13374 for a Class A system.

Used in construction sites to safeguard against the fall of both people and objects, it can support a person leaning against it or provide a handrail for workers when walking alongside the edge of the slab, and collectively stop a person walking or falling towards it. Besides it can be combined with safety net systems for even more effective protection.

It is a fall prevention system that provides greater flexibility and mobility, by providing an obstaclefree work area as it does not require the workers to use a construction lifeline.

Quickest to install

Use the post with clamp and protection barriers.

For complex sites

Use the multidirectional post and tube guardrails.

Cost effective

Use the post with buil-in socket and protection barriers.

For greater versatility

Use the standard post, it can be used with any guardrail and different sockets.


Main Features


Working smarter

Get the job done faster and with less components


Quick fitting and fixing

The slots on the boards enable a secure lock without additional components


Our product, your way

Guardrails can be customised with customer's colour and logo

Streamlined guardrail efficiency

Protection barriers require fewer components, functioning as three pieces in one: principal guardrail, intermediate guardrail, and toeboard.

The galvanised and painted protection boards work as guardrails and toeboard.

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Post with clamp

Experience a more efficient installation with this solution featuring a toothed clamp for superior slab grip. This advancement not only makes displacement more difficult but also ensures a secure fit, requiring fewer components for a simplified construction process.

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Standard post

This galvanised post can be used with different sockets and all guardrails. It can be assembled on the slab or on walls (wall socket).

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Multidirectional post

Introducing an innovative edge protection post designed for versatility. Ideal for use with tube guardrails, it maximizes functionality by accommodating toeboards in different directions.

Perfect for closing corners and creating guardrails on stairs, offers adaptation to different scenarios.

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Post with built-in socket

Efficient installation involves drilling the slab and laying a plastic pipe. A cost-saving solution.

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Post for anchor capsule

Start the assembly of edge protection as soon as possible. The installation is swift and more efficient, as the plastic anchor capsule is placed immediately after the concreting phase in fresh concrete without requiring drilling.

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Projects References

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