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Energy and Utilities


Catari's engineering team is thus able to anticipate possible obstacles on site, creating customisable and absolutely safe solutions.

In a sector where the need for change linked to energy efficiency is growing, Catari is presenting a new generation of multidirectional scaffolding that is lighter and more resistant, thus keeping up with innovations in this sector that seek more sustainable and competitive business models.

The demands of the Energy and Services sector not only mean that scaffolding adapted to complex projects has to be used, but the often inhospitable environments in which this type of activity is carried out (high seas, desert environments, among others) mean that the scaffolding has to be resistant and highly durable. All Catari US® components are galvanised, increasing the product’s lifespan. In addition, as the components are reusable and have a high load capacity due to the high quality steel with which they are made, this results in fewer items per square metre and therefore lower scaffolding and transport costs.

Based on the complexity of maintenance projects or support structures (such as suspended scaffolding for pipe racks) adapted to the Oil & Gas sector, electrical energy production, and other energy extraction or transformation activities, Catari also offers 3D design solutions.


Energy and Utilities Reference Projects