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World Youth Day – Lisbon 2023


Event Organization WYD 2023




Lisbon, Portugal

System used

Catari US®

Product used

Safety Barriers


World Youth Day - Lisbon 2023 was the biggest event of the year in Portugal.

Bringing together young people from all over the world, this large-scale gathering resulted in a huge challenge in terms of logistics, engineering and especially security. Around 1.2 million people gathered in two iconic locations in the Portuguese capital – Parque Tejo (Tagus Park) and Parque Eduardo VII (Eduardo VII Park).

To ensure orderly crowd management, a safe atmosphere and an excellent experience, the WYD Lisbon 2023 organisers chose Catari galvanized safety barriers. Around 2,000 barriers were placed around the Parque Tejo site, providing young participants and staff members with safe areas and places to pass through.

DSC_0021 DSC_0128.1

The event featured several moments in different locations, and in addition to guaranteeing safety with our barriers, Catari US® video wall structures were installed in Parque Eduardo VII. The reception of Pope Francis was closely followed by millions who were there, thanks to the Catari scaffolding structures for audio-visual support, strategically placed along the entire length of the Park and Marquês de Pombal Square.

In addition to the video wall application, these Catari US® structures incorporated an innovative solution for the application of advertising screens. In an aesthetic and functional endeavour, the scaffolding structure became invisible and the surface was completely covered by the screen. This was a team effort involving engineering, product management and customer support, which resulted in a clean final finish that emphasised the event’s communication.