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Polytechnic Institute of Porto – Open Campus 2024 Stand




Porto, Portugal

Scaffold system used

Catari US®


Designed to welcome young people and arouse curiosity, the structure, developed using the Catari US® system, brought life and energy to the Polytechnic Institute of Porto's OPEN CAMPUS 2024 event.

This structure created a vibrant hub for students to explore university life and discover the opportunities offered by the organisation’s 8 schools.

Over the course of three days, the structure offered the ideal space for communicating the training offer, merchandising and technological equipment, elevating the experience for everyone involved.

From its origins in construction to cultural events, music festivals and temporary architecture, the Catari US® system once again demonstrates its versatility!

General Coordination, António Marques/IPP
General Project, Abel Tavares, Pedro Oliveira, Pedro Sousa and Sérgio Bessa/ESMAD
Graphic Design, Secundino Oliveira and José Morais/IPP
Photography, José Morais/IPP

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