A new era for scaffolding is arriving in Israel

Taking place at the heart of Jaffa, an ancient port city south of Tel Aviv and one of Israel’s most breath-taking, historical and mythological places, the project, part of Andromeda Reborn Plan, comprises the development of two eight-storey buildings.

Job report of the Andromeda Residential Project at Old Town Jaffa

Andromeda Reborn

Jaffa, Israel

2 800 m2

Total façade area of the 55 apartments complex

Catari US®

Scaffold system used for the job

Engineered by Catari

WECON Engineering Ltd.
field services
Zemach Hammerman
construction company

“WECON provided us the warranties we needed. We were provided with a certified product and a very useful on-site training and supervision. The detailed 3D project drawings helped us understanding how we could safely overcome the project challenges and that was essential for the outcome.”

Mr. Arkadi Frumkin - V.P. Engineering at Zemach Hammerman

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Varying width
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The imposed challenge was to supply a scaffold capable of, on an initial phase, supporting the workers while assembling the tie rod bars and formwork panels, and on a later phase, serving as a mean to perform plastering, painting, and marble installation works.

According to Zemach Hammerman, who’s acting both as developer and building contractor in the project, the scaffold needed to be wide enough to store materials on it without neither causing any restrictions to the workers activity nor conflicting with the outlined perimeter of the jobsite. The building’s geometry, protruding parts and balconies were the other obstacles to be overcome.

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Catari US®, the right choice

Being duly certified in accordance with the European standards for scaffolding, the system grants an additional safety to the workers during its assembly and usage, meeting therefore all the legislation improvements that were recently implemented in Israel in regards to the scaffold used on jobsites.

Its design is based on the rosette fitting. The rosette is a disk welded to the standards every 50 cm, which contains specially shaped openings able to fix up to eight other components of the system through wedge clamped heads. These heads exist at the extremity of the system’s components, such as ledgers or diagonal braces, and fit exactly round the perforated rosettes assuring solid joints with high load bearing capacity. Due to the way the rosette openings are formed, nearly any angle can be set.

As a complement to the intrinsic characteristics of the product, the preparation of a 3D model was also very helpful, allowing to automatically determine the commissioning of materials and prevent possible on-site difficulties during the scaffold assembly.

The on-site training and supervision provided to the scaffolders were also well appreciated by Zemach Hammerman.


Catari US® unmatched flexibility turned out to be an asset to adjust the scaffold to the balconies without putting at stake the maximum distance of 30 cm. The inner leg of the scaffold was interrupted when it collided with the slab, just to be supported immediately after on it with a base jack. This simple solution, only possible due to the fact the system is composed by separate components, allowed to effectively overcome any protruding parts of the façade keeping the line-up and horizontal continuity.

Suspended corner

To avoid the exterior leg of the south façade scaffold from landing on the Yehuda Margoza Street, the corner was set up from the same standards in both sides thanks to the shape of the rosette, and stiffened with additional diagonal braces to work as a cantilever scaffold. The highly resistant nodes of the system are the key for this type of assembly.

Varying width

Using console brackets, one of the many pre-defined sized components available in Catari US® portfolio, it was possible to reduce the working corridor where the balconies were located, keeping anyhow the line-up of the scaffold. As these are salient, there was no room to consider the same width as considered for the remaining scaffold.

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catari us multidirectional ringlock scaffold system

Catari US®

Catari US® is a multidirectional scaffold based on the ring-lock design. Its versatility and load-bearing capacity makes it suitable even for the most complex and demanding scaffold constructions, such as heavy duty industrial and civil engineering applications.