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Crowd control barriers

These safety barriers are used in urban areas to delimit access and prevent accidents due to lack of visibility or in public events for crowd management. These barricades allow the flow of people to be guided, avoiding dense agglomerations and minimizing the risk of incidents.

Available in 5 different models, these safety barriers are made of steel, can be used indoors or outdoors, and reused several times.

Main Features

escada em andaime


Misaligned feet provide stable temporary barriers on uneven floors
escada de acesso público

Multiple options

Steel safety barriers are available in different sizes and finishing
escada em aluminio


The 2.20 m barrier fits the width of a container, optimizing the available space for transport


Frame with Ø38 mm tube and grid with Ø12 mm tubes create a pedestrian barricade resistant to impacts from machinery and people.


The plates available on the frame can be customized with stickers, to easily identify the temporary barrier.

barreira para segurança pedonal

Thoughtful design

The asymmetrical placement of the feet allows to easily create unusual paths or corners in an easier way for a more efficient barricade.


The steel barrier with 12 cm spacing grid was designed considering the safety of children.


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regulamento das escadas de acesso público
altura de escadas publicas
sistemas de escadas de andaimes


With 2.20 m or 2.60 m, these metal safety barriers' weigh stands between 10 kg and 14 kg.

regulamento das escadas de acesso público
altura de escadas publicas

Double sockets

By attaching the crowd control barriers through built-in hooks and hoops, the installation is quicker, and effective against sudden movements.

regulamento das escadas de acesso público
regulamento das escadas de acesso público
regulamento das escadas de acesso público
altura de escadas publicas

12 cm or 20 cm

Our safety barriers with 12 cm spacing grid offers greater safety for children, meeting international safety standards and making it suitable for events.

Protective barriers with a 20 cm spacing grid are also available.

regulamento das escadas de acesso público
andaime galvanizado
acessórios de andaime
escadas de acesso publico


Get more efficient bundles. This safety barrier model allows you to optimize space, both in containers and at the warehouse.

It is possible to place up to 500 steel crowd control barriers in a 40-foot container.

venda de escadas de andaime
escadas para eventos
escada para incendios
comprar escadas de andaime

In-house development

Entirely developed at Catari, the automated manufacturing processes allow for a significant reduction in delivery times and an increased reliability, making our crowd control barriers a competitive product of superior quality.

safety barrier accessory
safety barrier accessory
safety barrier accessory
safety barrier accessory
safety barrier accessory


A range that includes advertising cover, gates, clamps, and transport and storage stillages.

These solutions allow you to leverage security barriers to strengthen your brand, highlight a controlled access area, reinforce a protective line, or optimize warehouse space.

Reference applications

new scaffold boards

Urban areas

steel barriers, safety barriers, steel barriers, police barriers

Urban spaces must offer maximum security to the general public. Safety barriers create a sound environment for pedestrians and mind workers' protection. In addition, they are a good solution to prevent unauthorized people from accessing maintenance areas.

  • Urban maintenance
  • Delimitation of prohibited
  • Road safety
scaffolding equipment


crowd control barriers, event barriers, event barricades

In this application, they are better known as crowd control barriers. They are installed at strategic points to control the entrance and exit of the premises as well as on emergency routes to ensure accessibility.

  • Festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Public celebrations
  • Parades

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